The Flying tricycle construction toy

The Flying tricycle construction toy

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DESIGN: A poetic, minimalistic gem. 

The Flying tricycle is a minimalistic design inspired by Calder's mobiles and Miro's naive and "chilldish" paints. Abstraction hides the sophistication of the design. It is entirely made of wooden pieces that the child puts together without tools or glue, thanks to a variety of wooden joints.

After the construction comes the movement and the joy!

Once the child pulls its red string, the helices start to turn around. A system of hand-made wooden gears transmit the movement of the wheels to the red helices and the adventure begins!

It is an open-ended toy that not only exercises fine motor & cognitive skills but also cultivates patience, experiment and active participation in play. 

Dimensions (inches): 22.5 (Height) * 20 (Length) * 10 (Width)
(cm): 57(Height) * 50 (Length) * 25 (Width)

MATERIALS: A high-quality & eco-friendly heirloom toy

All of our toys are hand-cut, hand-painted and sanded satin smooth to offer soft surfaces for the young explorers' little hands.

  • We support responsable forestry by elaborating FSC certified birch plywood of European origin.
  • Non-toxic, water-based paints, EN/71.3 certified
  • Natural beeswax, EN/71.3 certified
  • EN/71.3 certified glue
*Hand-MADE IN Crete, Greece

Recommended age: preschool (3-5 yrs)

! Please note that this toy is not suitable for chidren under 3 years old as it contains small pieces.

.... and for the young at heart that value artisan design and exquisite craftmanship.

To see the assembling of the flying tricycle....
To see the flying tricycle rolling...