"Our toys are envisioned as an invitation to a world open to imagination."

The Wandering Workshop is a fresh toy brand with an intrinsic poetic quality in its designs.

It's toys wander carefreely somewhere between the earth, the sea and the sky and invite the child to invent the play. With a focus on beauty as an intergrative part of children's everyday experience, their design is minimalistic, yet playful.

Jose Navarro and Athina Doukaki is the creative duo behind The Wandering Workshop, 'toys made of dreams'. After tasting in bites happiness around Barcelona, the Cyclades and Crete, after having worked in dusty restoration workshops in Barcelona and on windy hills in archaeological excavations in the Cyclades, they designed their first wooden toy in a small workshop surrounded by the Aegean Sea. That Winter of their 26 years marked the beginning of The Wandering Workshop even if they yet didn't quite know...

The Wandering Workshop sells toys all over the world from Alaska to Japan, Paris, Sweden and Copenhagen, to California, New York, Dubai and Australia in a colourful map of selected stores that honors play as it is: children's ultimate way of engaging and making sense of the world.