The Wandering Workshop is a young toy brand in the kids design that invites children and adults alike to a world open to imagination.

We offer high-quality, open-ended, minimalistic toys that stimulate imagination, intrigue children’s innate curiosity and leave space for the child to invent the play. Our toys combine clean lines and clear colours with satin smooth wood surfaces that familiarise the child with the qualities of wood.

Our toys are made of dreams in a beautiful corner of the world, in Crete, Greece. We hand-craft our toys through an elaborate, artisan process that focuses on offering high quality products. The production is local, small-scale and respectful with the environment. We support responsible management of the world´s forests by using FSC certified European beech wood. The materials we elaborate are European and EN/71.3 certified (European standards for safety on toys). The paints and varnish are non-toxic, water-based. The glue is solvent and formaldehyde-free. Finally, we finish the wood surfaces with natural beeswax.

We are Athina Doukaki and Jose Navarro, the founders, designers, toy-makers & dreamers behind the Wandering Workshop. We made our first creative steps in the small island of Ios in the Cyclades, where our first collection “Toys made of Dreams” was launched. We are currently based in Crete where our team and inspiration is growing with our Spring baby in the womb!