Collection: 'Kipos' toy collection

'Kipos' means 'garden' in greek. The 'Kipos' collection is an ode to the garden of our childhood. That magic place that was too big to host all our play, dreams and mischiefs. Too big even now to host our childhood memories.

'Kipos' is the safe place where we played, invented stories, hid, climbed trees, got bored, wandered, ate fruits, lay on the ground and watched the clouds, danced under the first autumn rain and smelt jasmine flowers on summer nights. It is also the space that hosted carefree moments of our childhood when, for the sole time in our lives, everything was possible!

'Kipos' is the safe place, the home, our roots, the earth, its cycle.It's the dancing sunbeams among the trees, the autumn breeze, the smell of the earth after the rain.Play is our children's garden. It is their safe, sacred, precious, nourishing space.

What an honour for us to be invited to it...