Boat & cloud pull toy
Boat & cloud pull toy
Boat & cloud pull toy
Boat & cloud pull toy
Boat & cloud pull toy
Boat & cloud pull toy

Boat & cloud pull toy

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CONSUMATTERS dreamy little boat pull toy

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DESIGN: A well-traveled boat for little dreamers


Poetic & stylish, this is a heirloom-quality toy to be cherished! It is an ideal gift for the just-ready-to-walk young explorers!

It is highly interactive as it is entirely up to the child to make it roll and let the fun begin. Also, it stimulates imagination as the child can develop elaborate stories once he/she pulls the red string. After all, this is an adventurous little boat that travels through the seas accompanied by a mighty cloud and a bright sun! Right?

Dimensions (inches): 6 (Height) * 10 (Length without the cord) * 2.5 (Width)
(cm): 15(Height) * 25,5 (Length without the cord) * 6.5 (Width)

MATERIALS: A high-quality & eco-friendly heirloom toy

All of our toys are hand-cut, hand-painted and sanded satin smooth to offer soft surfaces for the young explorers' little hands.

  • We support responsable forestry by elaborating FSC certified beech wood of European origin.
  • Non-toxic, water-based paints, EN/71.3 certified
  • Natural beeswax, EN/71.3 certified
  • EN/71.3 certified glue
*Hand-MADE IN Crete, Greece

Recommended age: toddlers (1-3 yrs) 

and for the young at heart that value artisan design and exquisite craftmanship.

You can personalise the boat & waves stacking toy with the name of your little beloved written on it. Please, specify the name in a message..

Our  toys arrive in a hand-made, recyclable card-board box, beautifully packaged & ready to be offered as a gift.

If you wish to accompany the toy with a gift note, please include the text in a message.