Autumn DIY garland

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A DIY wood garland with sky elements both painted and natural for crafty family time!

Arrange the elements as you wish and decorate your space with your own creation



cm: 135 Length * 0.4 Thickness
inches: 53 Length * 0.2 Thickness

MATERIALS: A high-quality & eco-friendly heirloom toy

Hand-cut, hand-painted and sanded satin smooth to offer soft surfaces for little hands.

  • We support responsible forestry by sourcing FSC certified beech wood of European origin.
  • Non-toxic, water based paints, AP certified

*Hand-MADE IN Crete, Greece 

Recyclable card-board box, beautifully packaged & ready to be offered as a gift.

If you wish to accompany the toy with a gift note, please include the text in a message.

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